3 tips for winter wellness

December 18, 2017
Winter has well and truly taken a hold and I often wish I was a bear at this time, where I could gorge myself on food, take a seriously long nap and wake up to the spring sunshine, slim and in shape.

Here are 3 of my top tips on keeping well and happy this Winter, when the days are short, people are spluttering all over you and you have to have a hot water bottle strapped to you 24/7!

1. Hot Lemon Water

Lemons are one thing you’ll always find in my kitchen. The first thing I do when I get up each morning is to make a large glass of hot lemon water. The benefits of hot lemon water are plentiful:

• Activates your digestive system and will help energise both your mind and body for the day ahead
• Helps flush out toxins, assisting the liver in its detoxification process
• Boosts your immune system as Lemons contain Vitamin C
• Healthier skin through flushing out of toxins. Did you know that Vitamin C is a key component for the production of collagen, which is important for smooth and supple skin.
• Known to help increases your metabolism

Typically I use ½ – 1 organic lemon in a large glass. For added health benefits, try adding a slice of fresh ginger.

Its important to continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day, so that the body can function at its optimum. Try swapping caffeinated drinks for a hot lemon first thing in the morning, and aim for herbal teas. I’m only human so do enjoy a good coffee, I just try to limit this to one a day

2. Sunshine

Get outside whenever you can during daylight hours, because when you travel to and from work its most likely dark if you’re based in the same part of the hemisphere I am.

Although I’m a summer girl, I do love getting wrapped up against the elements and going for walk in the winter sun. Spend your lunch break getting some fresh air and exercise and feel the sun beaming down on your face.

Exposure to the sun is a great way for the skin to make Vitamin D, however the sun isn’t particularly strong during the winter so be sure to take a Vitamin D supplement, aka the ‘sunshine vitamin’.

Keeping your Vitamin D levels topped up will:

• Help your immune system stay in top shape
• Ward off disease
• Keep your bones strong
• Ward off depression
• Helps maintain a healthy weight

3. Hygge

“Hygge” defined as ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’.

Follow in the footsteps of the Danes, who know all about cold dark winters. Hygge is all about feeling content so light some candles, eat seasonal comfort food, take a hot bath, practice some yin yoga do whatever it is that makes you feel warm inside.

Candle lit yin yoga is one of my personal favourites, taking things slow with some deep, nourishing stretches and boosting energy levels. Incorporating forward bends, hip openers, backbends, and twists into your practice and holding these poses for several minutes will help strengthen and stretch your connective tissues, helping ease any blockages of energy, known as prana.

As simple as these tips may be, they really help me through the winter months. Please comment below to share your winter wellness tips!

Claire xoxo